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Drums added. Vocals tuned.

Did you think about putting some dam busting noises in there, or a musical building wave passage of water bursting free? I think that would add to the tune.
I didn't mind the auto tune, it was kind of interesting, but I think the other's are right about it and the drums.

I went and listened to "The Wreck of The Edmond Fitzgerald" as I love that tune as a distress story, in the general area like yours. I hadn't listened to it since I started trying to arrange my tunes with multiple instruments. It was amazing listening to all the guitar and synth noises in the wreck song covering up the strummed guitar that is the backbone. I no longer listen to normal songs the way I did 6 months ago, and can appreciate not just Gordon's great song and voice, but all the clever background noises that make it accessible. I can see now I need to work in smaller parts of my tunes and in subtler ways not push the same background all the way through because it is easier for me to do that. Even on a folk song like the wreck.

So, this is what happened to me because of listening to your tune.