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stretch way. a good cap cant be hurt by air pressure in that range. Moisture can hurt it from humidity, breath, temp changes. Dirt/spit can build up on the cap surface. There is a thing called hysteresis that can effect mic's.

Often the older mic's sound nicer than new ones for any one of many reasons. Break in time of material, Craftsmanship, Materials, etc.....

Ribbon mic's can built up magnetic stuff over time from the air.

Once you look at a circuit under the cap, capacitors can go bad, and a component could get fried/overloaded. Depends on the exact design.

XLR plug. Could be a cable with a slightly smaller end than typical. If you are talking about the entire plug on the mic. Have you at least taken the mic appart or tried to tighten it? the main tube is threaded on both ends.