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All interesting stuff. The guitar is the same in both versions although I added an accompanying muted guitar in the second version, but only in a few places.

There are no strings in the first version.

The bass is the same patch, but I did do a bit more to it in the second version. I had some parallel stuff added, which I will check out to see if I also prefer the bass in the first version.

I think I may end up going with the second version but I will definitely take your comments onboard.
OK, I got confused as I went back and forth in the versions, right no strings in the first version. I like the small semi quiet spots like at 1:40. 1:44 1:48 (could be off a bit I was taking notes) that you filled with strings in the latter version. I hear more staccato in the guitar on the first version. I'm looking for reasons but I simply can't find the grove in the 2nd version when I can't help but find it in the first, so I'm looking for why's, and I'm out of time now. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I still love that earlier version. I think it has something to do with the lack of holes in the latter.

Maybe someone else can help both of us figure out what is different.

editing to say: Maybe the more staccato guitar at the beginning sets the groove for me, I'm into it right from the get go on the earlier version. It would be great if others would listen to the two versions and comment, I'd love to hear their takes on it.

Thanks, Mr. Funk, at least I'm in wonder over this?