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I like the older one better, I'm not crazy, or at least if I am it's the consistent sort I can work with, don't by stock in Ouzo. I like the more staccato guitar on the first and how it blends with the bass that seems less 'farty than the bass on the 2nd version. You have string fills on the first version that are easier to ignore creating very short rest spots for the listener, and the more complex (they are pretty) ones in the second suck too much out of me without providing a respite.

When I listen to the first one I can't help but rock back and forth like a crazy person, not so in the newer one as I can't seem to find the groove in that one.

Ok, just me but the newer one make me nervous and the earlier one makes me want to dance, and it is subtle as heck!

OK Does anyone else feel that?
All interesting stuff. The guitar is the same in both versions although I added an accompanying muted guitar in the second version, but only in a few places.

There are no strings in the first version.

The bass is the same patch, but I did do a bit more to it in the second version. I had some parallel stuff added, which I will check out to see if I also prefer the bass in the first version.

I think I may end up going with the second version but I will definitely take your comments onboard.