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I'm with you Rocky...I don't use any kind of DAW, I'm still using an 8 track digital recorder (Tascam DP-03SD) it's pretty much an antique now.

I'd like to say it's because I like the limitations it imposes upon me, and that I have to work within that simple framework...but it is actually because I'm a thick, technophobic luddite.

My wife uses Magix 'Samplitude' and keeps telling me how much I would benefit if I did too...but I'm suspicious of anything that isn't difficult to carry from one room to the other.
Your wife is right- some sort of DAW would open up a whole range of possibilities and would probably be easier to work with. They are really not difficult to learn. I started with Cubase and then switched to Logic. I was able to start in both without reading the manual or watching any tutorials- that’s how easy it is to get started. They aren’t that different to what you are using now.