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If you are relying on it being an 85/86 from an A serial bridge plate it is highly unlikely to be an 85/86. A serial bridge plates were used well into the 90s. Genuine A serials on a guitar are very unusual, unless it is a 1996 Crafted in Japan after the switch from Fuji-Gen to Dyna-Gakki factories. Even then that’s a stamp on the neck.

I have a ‘93 TN70 with an A plate. These guitars didn’t have the serial number under “Made in Japan”, and neither does my ‘89 TL69BFL. The date is always written on the heel end of the neck, which isn’t shown in your picture. The guitars I have from ‘96 onwards all have serials below “Made/Crafted in Japan”. Earlier MIJ guitars often had the serial on the headstock (common from 84-89) or stamped on the neck plate (JV and SQ from 82-84).

Lovely guitar, but probably a little older than described. Picture of both below with their Fender Japan stablemates. I have a thing for them...
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