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Don't forget the Yamaha EX5R

if you can still find one at a reasonable price,these things have gone crazy price wise,this is one of the Romplers I wish I'd never sold it has a plethora of synthesis options inside it...sold it Because at the time my studio was full of Romplers and I decided to ditch most of my Rompler Racks which included among others Korg 01WR/TR Rack 2x Triton Racks,JV1080/JD990/D550,I'd sold them after getting a Korg Oasys,which also no longer is around!! When I look back and read threads of peoples desires of older gear like this is makes me sad to think of the gear that I've had and sold on,especially now since they are getting harder to source again at a reasonable price,that is if you can still get hold of half of them now,these digital things that were once in abundance seem to have vanished from every possible source of Musical Gear auctions and sites and when they do crop up they are pathetically way overpriced,as much as I would like to get back some of the old digital gems I've owned,I often change my mind when I think is it really worth it for the price they are selling it for.
One of the synths that I've sold and really miss is... KORG DS-8! But it was a long time ago and they are not really rare/expensive, so I'm sure I'll snatch one someday.