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Hi all,

What would you add if you wanted more romplers?

Or is this enough?
not counting your K2000, which is quite a deep and complex digital synth, i think you are solid stocked with "regular" ROMplers, and i would perhaps add another special one i.e. kind that offer something extra, either an additional synthesis option or processing function, to mangle the signal beyond the standard "PCM into lowpass filter" idiom that most basic ones have. favorites that i use from that subgroup are:

Yamaha SY/TG77 - lovely lofi rompler from late eighties plus 6op yamaha fm. its possible to use ROM wave as modulator operator in the fm engine.

Korg Wavestation AD - inside is AIĀ² generation Rompler, but with wavesequencing, great effects with ext input, oscillator sync and other tricks. if you get waverex card you can feed it new waveforms.

JD990 - wonderful multimode filters, great selection of single cycle waves tailored for synthesis, various arhitectural structures involving dual filtering parallel/series and ring modulator, oscillator sync, even sort of fm in mono mode. fantastic chorus and reverb. bright and detailed sound, perfect complement to darker thicker Korgs from that era.

only simpler rompler i have is Yamaha TG500, which is a module version of SY85, just with doubled polyphony. never the less it sounds fantastic, so many usable presets. and has that unmistakeable early rave/trance/ambient-techno sound to it. also got a Sector101 card to feed it new waveforms.