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I see. So even 80hz is important.

I wish QuietRock wasn't so expensive. I can't find the db attenuation by frequency, but their stc rating is competitive with this approach, and it certainly seems simpler/easier and less likely to make critical mistakes with. Although maybe without the clips it would be a waste like you said was the case for gg.

My main concern is that I invest all the money and it doesn't solve the issue. Maybe I should try to hire a consultant to let me know if the plan would work. Trick is finding one. Might have to give Rod Gervais a call and see if he travels to MA. Maybe it could even save me money like, maybe they would say doing only the ceilings this way would give me 90% of the benefits since this is a basement anyway, or some tips like that.

Ok, well thanks for the help!
Yeah, 80hz is very close to a low E string on a guitar in standard tuning.

Bang for the buck 5/8 drywall is what to use. Quietrock works, but is relatively expensive cost vs performance. Even with quite rock you'd want to use clips, or independent framing. Decoupling is the a critical part of isolation construction.

What it really comes down to is how quiet it needs to be outside the jam room.

I can say Rod was very helpful to me on a couple of projects.

I am in southern MA, but have retired.

Green glue isn't a waste by default, its just important to know where it is most effective.

Its smart of you to plan properly and asess, even if in the end you decide its beyond budget, better to know ahead of time.