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Old 11th June 2020
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Thank you all for taking the time to share your professional insights on this topic.

I think when I find some time I will just set apart a month or so to create a piece of music entirely in Pro Tools and whenever I run into something I don’t know how to do I will google it.
By creating a full piece of music I will have to learn how to record, do sounddesign techniques, arrange & edit and mix in Pro Tools and learn how the interface, tools, routing etc work. That way I will be ready for at least basic usage and be able to set up a basic delivery session.

And for more advanced post production use I think I will grow into it by getting more and more serious gigs and increasingly complex requests.
And still I think if they ask me to deliver or do something that I have never heard of I will just have to google that one thing and will be able to learn it quickly and if not familiar with all of the post-prod jargon, at least Pro Tools specific terminology will not add up on that.

It sounds soothing that it is mostly just required to set up basic delivery projects or do some editing and mixing in Pro Tools. In the end that works more or less the same in all DAWs.
As long as I can still use Reaper for sounddesigning and composing also down the line on more serious gigs I am a happy man. For those tasks I have set up some workflows and macros that really speed it up and make it more joyful and it would be frustrating to miss those, but for tasks like editing and mixing that don’t require quickly getting an idea down before it is forgotten, I have no problems learning a new DAW if that will help me score gigs.

Seems that with AAT and similar there would be ways to bypass Pro Tools for a little longer, but I think learning it once is a great investment of time that will greatly pay off and sooner or later be neccessary anyway if I really manage to have a carrerr in post production. Only Avid’s business model is a bit off-putting. I’d prefer to buy it once and have it whenever I need it, instead of paying 30$ a month and how knows if and how much I am going to need it that month. But 600$ for a version that will be obsolete in 1 year is a bit of a hefty price to pay as long as I don’t have some serious post-prod gigs (once gigs start coming it is of course peanuts but for now I’ll have to think about what the best solution is).