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I'm looking for some advice here, I'm in the market for a high-end channel strip and wondered if any of you guys who have used both of these units could comment? I understand that the EQ design is different between the two units. Use would primarily be on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, possibly kick or snare, etc.

My only previous experience with Chandler gear is their Germanium mic pre, at a friend's studio we used it on guitar and I was blown away by the way it made the guitar sound sort of "glow" and sit in the mix when it was driven hard.
Hi, I hope this helps...

Your are correct, the EQ sections are different types—EMI EQs were nicknamed 'Curve Bender' regardless of topology,—and both units are great for the sources you've mentioned, however, some things to ponder in your quest...

The TG12411's (formerly known as TG Channel MKII,) implementation of the TG2 preamp coupled to the 4 band passive equalizer section will sound a little more hi-fi as compared to the other TG2 incarnations we offer; beautiful in its own right, it's a slight hi-fi sheen.

The TG Microphone Cassette—and TG2-500—implementation of the TG2, provides the ability to color the preamp darker or brighter by way of the variable 'Fine Gain' control and compensating in the opposite direction with the 'Coarse Gain;' pretty handy and how its configured on the EMI TG123345 console's microphone input cassettes. Same sound as the TG2 rackmount, however, however, with the added flexibility, your controls will be positioned differently to arrive there.

again, I hope this helps.