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Old 11th June 2020
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I see. So even 80hz is important.

I wish QuietRock wasn't so expensive. I can't find the db attenuation by frequency, but their stc rating is competitive with this approach, and it certainly seems simpler/easier and less likely to make critical mistakes with. Although maybe without the clips it would be a waste like you said was the case for gg.

My main concern is that I invest all the money and it doesn't solve the issue. Maybe I should try to hire a consultant to let me know if the plan would work. Trick is finding one. Might have to give Rod Gervais a call and see if he travels to MA. Maybe it could even save me money like, maybe they would say doing only the ceilings this way would give me 90% of the benefits since this is a basement anyway, or some tips like that.

Ok, well thanks for the help!