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GIK PIB and other portable solutions for tracking and mixing acoustic treatment

For the next few months, I'll be mixing/overdubbing at home. I have a setup in a living room that sounds pretty good already due to furniture, etc. though I am looking for some type of temporary acoustic treatment, mainly for doing acoustic guitar and vocal tracking, electric guitars, and while mixing.

Was thinking of picking up two GIK PIBs, to place around the vocalist/guitarist/amp, and then use at first reflection points to my sides, or behind me while mixing.

I would get them with the Alpha 2dA wood pattern, which apparently works well for top end scattering, so when recording acoustic guitar I can get diffusion rather than absorption (perhaps one panel on the wood side, the other absorbing, to control the reflections).

Is anyone using these and having a good experience? Wondering what other additions or options to consider. They seem like a good investment, as when I am finally in a treated space, I can still use them as Gobos for vocals/acoustics when I track in the control room.