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Hmmm....Maybe I added too much info Ok shorter way of asking the question, how many db can I realistically expect by adding isolation clips and 2 layers of drywall to walls and ceilings in a basement?
You have to check the test data sheet for the particular model clip your interested in. Remember isolation is frequency based. A wall that blocks 50db at 1khz will be lower at 100hz and higher at 10khz. So when you look at the data sheet don't look at STC, look at how many Db in attenuation at each frequency band. For live music the stuff under 150hz is critical to block, but also difficult.

If your looking to play metal at 1am, and not bother people, you need clips that can handle many sheets of drywall, or do a room in room construction method.

A metal band is easily going to hit 110db, drums by themselves can exceed that.