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I've just moved into a new house and finally have myself a home studio to work from and now find myself in the rabbithole of acoustic treatment. From researching it seemed like the most pressing first step was to measure my room.

As far as I can understand the biggest problem areas are the 100-150Hz and 300-600Hz regions when looking at the SPL average between L and R. And between the 2 speakers - large descrepancies at 220Hz and 1kHz. Could that huge peak at 121hz be something to do with the height of my room being about the size of that wavelength at 287.5cm high?

I've been reading about broadband absorbers and superchunk traps and ideally superchunks sound like they are the way to go. However as you can see from my room dimensions there is only really 1 corner that I would be able to fit one that even approaches the size required to be effective. Although less effective, does anyone reckon that 6" thick broadband absorbers could work well on the wall in front and behind me? Namely something like these...?

You don't have the same response between L and R. Before the bass trap , the issue should be treated.