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Took them 8 months last time. PPC to Intel. Completely different architecture. RISC to CISC. Endian issues.

8 months, from the first Intel computer to the complete line transition.

My point is...nothing we predict here will have anything more than an accidental relationship to what actually happens. If they announce at WDC, there's a good chance engineering work is underway on almost the entire line. The transition has already begun, it just hasn't been announced.

Yes, that’s true. Big difference though is, at that time, Intel was the king / leader on most computers worldwide and Apple was jumping to a known platform that was better in almost every way. This time, it’s in house, iPhone / iPad chips, developed from scratch. It’s brand new tech. Hard to really compare and hard to believe Apple can and will roll out arm chips across the entire platform in 8 months let alone a year or two.