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Old 10th June 2020
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I think it's more likely they'll go ARM than AMD for how much it is already their primary development platform for the iDevices.

I only wonder if they will do that same clampdown on the software market for these computers, forcing everyone to go through their store and do their same slimy 1/3 skimming off the top.

I'm personally done with supporting that model, and I think it has damaged the ability for software innovation on iOS for the past couple years already.

They need to open their iOS platform to match the desktop paradigm for me to personally want to re-up into their ecosystem any further. If instead they try to align desktop practices toward their mobile practices, then I'm out.

I also think this is the only way they'll be able to bring decently performing basic gaming to their desktops. It's been a ridiculous gap between the high quality of gaming on iOS compared to macOS for a long time.

But on the other hand, all the macOS compatible games on steam aren't going to all of a sudden release ARM versions, so that is probably the only reason I think the AMD angle has a slim possibility of happening instead.

It is interesting overall to think some type of change is coming.

Here's hoping they don't utter the idiotic codeword "courage" again though.