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Based on their historical record, plan to encounter the following:
1. Massively overpriced hardware
2. Planned obsolescence
3. A new connector format that makes it inconvenient or impossible to use the old connector format that essentially does the same thing.
4. Lots of hype over the same, old software in a new shiny wrapper
5. A new version of Notes and iTunes

Forgive me if I missed anything.
So pissed that both TB2 ports on my 2015 MBP no longer work, I was down to one for sometime, really sucks when your setting up for a show and all of a sudden your not getting a connection(it wasn't the cable but the actual port), thank goodness I had one port left and now that one also doesn't work, the USB ports work flawlessly but too bad there's no adapter to go TB2 to usb 3.0.

I'm no longer able to use my Apollo twin duo with my laptop but Kronos connects via USB flawlessly. I feel like the TB2 design was a bad one, so in a way I'm happy that they transitioned to TB3/USB C ports, just not happy that I'm stuck with broken TB2 ports.

If anyone knows a way to fix, or common problems people run into that can be easily fixed regarding TB2 ports on a MBP2015 please let me know, it would be much appreciated. Apple quoted me $450 for a new logic board(that was their solution) but at that price I might as well invest in a new laptop which I have been thinking about, but now with ARM chips coming to Macs going to wait so would rather fix my 2015 for now, thanks for any help, sorry for taking the thread off topic a little.

But all in all I just count the cost, as its the way things are. I love using apple products and feel that the positives out weigh the negatives.