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Old 10th June 2020
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I think they'll go AMD and they're doing this to throw people off the scent, when Apple introduces the AMD powered iMac and Macbook Pro at WWDC the AMD stock price will go through the roof. AMD has Zen 3 and RDNA 2 Big Navi chips launching September/October, the AMD CPUs are already more powerful than
Intel in Laptops and Apple have been tranitiining to AMD from their grpahics chips and now with their CPU.

Have a look at the AMD Hackintosh, they basically work the exact same way as Intel, are faster, cooler and have more cores. A transition to ARM won't happen, they wont be able to build enough ARM macs with all of the iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs taking their CPUs.

I also think we'll see some sort of AMD based gaming Mac released as well, Steam releases will be available from day 1. It just makes way more sense to me since PS5 and Xbox are coming out by holiday season, Apple want to enter the gaming, console wars, they love anything to do with media and esports, gaming is the only thing they're not involved with yet and the space has so much upside