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Once again we will be facing two, three years of incompatible, badly adapted software, and another massive culling of applications that won't be ported at all.

I can't hardly wait..

How many plugins, software we will lose?

Are you a developer? What's your take on the news?

Should you buy a intel Mac knowing this now?

Is this the end of hackintosh and boot camp?

Did you invest 40K on the latest Mac Pro Intel based system?

Please discuss
I still find it crazy and impressive that my iMac pro, which I bought in July 2018(was released Dec 2017), costs the same today as it did when it was released, btw its holding up phenomenal. I think we all know what we're getting when investing ridiculous amounts of cash into computers, in a couple of years they'll be closer to dinosaurs than cutting edge most times.

I can't speak on the hackintosh boot camp but I believe that there still will be support for that 10 year(sometimes more, sometimes less) window that apple usually likes to guarantee on all of their products with updates, and I've seen Macs run for many years after that. I heard that apple would be switching to in house chips in the near future a couple years back, if anybody who bought a new Mac Pro or any other apple computer is shocked by this than that's on them. I'm sure everybody will be able to use there iMac, MBP, New Mac Pro for as long as they would have if these new chips weren't released. We've played this game for quite sometime so its nothing new, to complain about this is like complaining that were having tacos on taco Tuesday, don't like it? head on over to the PC deli, or the Linux buffet, but I understand where you're coming from it's just nothing new and I've come to accept it.

The pro audio world usually takes about a year and a half give or take to catch up from my experience, I usually hold off on updating unless I have to(as I'm sure is the case for many of us), on Mojave now. I get it, there is always classic pieces of free software or cracked software that will not be compatible with the update, life sucks haha not really. I've stopped using any plug-ins I cant take with me or that don't belong to me, and if all of my meaningful software hasn't put out an update to support then I will wait to update, simple, is it a good thing? no, is it reality, yes.

I don't think this is in anyway a negative development, but I see how people could see it that way. All will be forgiven if these chips actually produce a higher level of efficiency and power than the intel ones, which I believe is what's being said, but who knows right? never let/believe those in business sell/tell you. I think these chips will actually be a meaningful update, but we'll see.