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I actually didnt know REW would give a suggested RT60 for my room and dont know how to do that. It was based on reading that .2-.5 is the goal for a listening room. Since I would be recording Vocals and occasional guitar I guessed that .3 would give a little more liveliness. But after experimenting for Room plugins on my vocals I think .2 to .25 sounded good to me. Obviously not the same thing but good enough to start a goal with.

So are you saying diffusers about vocal area or the speakers is a bad idea and the back wall would be the only logical place to start if its even neccesary in the first place?

Is my frequency curve look okay for the mids and highs, but the lows and low mids are what you see as my problematic areas? I honestly would know how to tackle the low end issues without making my room even more dead.

Can you post the REW MDAT?

REW doesn't suggest an RT60 Topt.

The .2sec recommendation for a room your size is based on EBu Tech 3276.

It depends on what kind of what kind of diffusers we are talking about and how deep will they have to be to function for the purpose you need. Your room isn't that big to begin with and to control the bass area will take some depth. If you use a diffuser with wells that are 7.5-9" deep, that doesn't leave you much space for the soft bass trapping.

If you work backwards, focus on getting the bass under control first, you will find that you will over dampen the room much less. Its when people work top down that they end up dampening the space too much and the frequency bands in thir RT60 Topt become skewed.