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Old 9th June 2020
Here for the gear

Finally want to start treating my room need advice!!!

I want to build 8-10 pieces of panels 10 cm thick 120 H and 60 cm W.
I have 2 questions first is about fabric to cover them everybody mentions the air blow test.
From what I tried so far 100% polyester and cotton only very thin (and will be transparent material )passes the air through with not much resistance.
The question is how much resistance is ok ,if a bit of air comes out from the other side is ok or better to be almost all.

My 2nd question is about panel placement I saw a lot of studios have bass traps from floor to sealing ,others have it from the middle up ,and others only in the middle at speaker height.
My room is 4m x 3.5 m

Thanks for anyone who takes time to give me advice
Best regards Adam!!!