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Hey thank you very much for the feedback. So what I gather from what you have said is that I may hear everything better at the center of the room right now without treatment, but that's because I don't have any treatment at all and the center of the room is the only position where the first length mode ends and second length mode kicks in, which makes me think that it is the best place to sit. After proper room treatment, the length and power of these modes in the room may change, which will dictate my listening position. Did I understand correctly?

Or almost. Its way less of the first and the peak of the second.

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For example, can someone sitting 50 cm away from 8 inch speakers hear 40 hz clearly, if the room treatment is successful?
You can hear 40hz on a pair of headphones right?

Theoretically your first length mode is 42.8hz. Can you hear it from 50cm clearly if room treatment is successful? Yes.
If you set up your speakers and your listening position in the center position of your room you are still going to hear 40hz -3db less, after "theoretically" perfect treatment.

I've attached the room simulator with setting up in the middle of the room and speakers 50cm away and theoretically "perfect treatment".
In this situation 42.9hz is -3db from 85.77hz which would usually be a big peak.

Now remember its theoretically perfect treatment which in most cases is almost impossible.
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