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Therotically speaking, can room treatment move forward and change the sweet spot in the room? Or does monitor placement always come first? If latter applies for most cases, I am going to need to revamp my room from scratch, maybe buy a larger screen, longer cables, longer desk etc, which is not something I look forward to right now, as I have never thought 2 meters would be the best place to sit in my room before buying "nearfield" monitors.
Theoretically if you build 3 ft trapping everywhere then yeah you may have to depending on how big your speakers are and if you can fit them, but hopefully you will have figured that out if you tested the room and build trapping accordingly.

Sitting half way will put you in the null of the first length mode but it will boost the second mode and you will have a peak. If your room is made of concrete and you can't treat your backwall for whatever reason, this maybe your only option to tame the first mode as it will be strong and long. But the minute you start treating the room for the peak of the second length mode your low end will start to drop off.

If you want to theoretically get an idea what your current speaker and listening position is doing, use the room silmulator in REW. You can either move the speakers or listening position or both to get a good idea what might happen afterwards.