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Old 8th June 2020
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Would go tubes

I've got a Coil 286S, it's marvellous !
Read the Coil Audio Thread, there's a lot of info there.

On voices, i read there the Coil70 could be too much, so i took the safe route with the 286S. Works really good on all voices, with the whole negative feedback usable, enabling a nice range of possibilities. I'm thinking about buying a C70 now for bass, guitars & Instruments.

Other solutions I saw a lot for voices would be Tree audio the Branch (clear and clean, and with its price and features, it seems to be one of the best bang for bucks choice today) or Requisite Audio Pal (pricy, and could still not test it).

BTW i've got AEA Rpq & Chandler TG2, but those tube preamps are another level above. Be careful though, the Coils do not have a lot of gain, and some greedy dynamic or ribbon microphones would need you to chain the coil with other preamp (some people love the greedy CA70 into CA286) - see this video with all coil :

out of topic, but If you tried your AEA ku5a a little more, does it need a lot of gain ?