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Old 7th June 2020
Here for the gear


I switched the woofers on the problematic speaker and was still having the same issue which was good as it must be the amp/crossover.

Then I sat, slightly happier but still somewhat unhappy.

I cranked up the volume a little bit and it was almost like something clicked (not sure if there was an audible click) and all of the sudden it was working normally!

Maybe it was a bit of dust or something but after A/Bing both speakers with the L/R switched again extensively the problem seems to have solved itself.

Previously the "filtering" caused by changed the L/R switch on my left monitor was audible even on a phone recording and now it seems almost exactly the same and you cannot even tell when I am flicking the L/R switch on the back panel.

Still going to ring Focal tomorrow to get more details!