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Center of the room sounds better than 38% positioning

Hello everyone,

Based on what I have gathered from this forum, I've come to the understanding that 38% is not a rule, rather a starting point for experimenting. I have recently realized that I am having trouble hearing between 39hz and 49 hz from my listening position, which is approximately 150 cm away from my speakers (Adam T7V). If I were to get rid of the bed (140x200 cm) behind me and move back 50 cm more, everything converges and I feel that this should be the sweet spot.

However, my room is 3 mt wide and 4 mt long, thus sitting 200 cm away from the front wall would mean that I would be sitting right at the center of this small room, which is also too far back and kind of contradicts the point of having "nearfield" monitors. I've wanted to make sure that this won't cause any room mode or resonance issues before installing my bass traps, as I want to make sure of any easy alterations I can make before start nailing or drilling stuff on the walls

Below are a couple of images from my room. I am planning on removing both the bed and cabinet, which will allow me to sit farther back and install bass traps at the sides (first reflection points), on top of 10 cm-thick rockwool panels at the corners and maybe a cloud over my seat. What else would you recommend for this packed space? Can sitting at the center work for this room? Can removing the bed and cabinet cause resonances and reverberations? I also think that the screen should be wall-mounted to be placed behind speakers, what are your thoughts on that?

From the back:
From the rear side:
Alternative view 1:
Alternative view 2:

I am currently unable to measure my room as I don't have a measurement mic, but will do so at the first opportunity. Thanks!