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Old 7th June 2020
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Focal Twin6 Be Woofer / Crossover Issue.. HELP!

Hi All,

Longtime reader, thanks to everyone for all the amazing advice. I've got a set of Focal Twin6 be and one of the woofers doesn't seem to work.

When i switch the L/R switch there is an audible difference one one monitor (apart from just which woofer is active in the higher freqs) and it doesn't want to play nicely up top.

There is either significantly less power coming from one woofer or no power at all. Its hard to tell as the other woofer still causes it to move but with my fingertips gently on the woofer I can feel less vibration.

Do you think this is an electronics issue or a woofer issue?

Getting in touch with Focal asap...

Anyone else had this issue?