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Replacing Speck X-Sum

before I start, apologies if this belongs in low end or some other channel. I don't frequent this site.

I've had a Speck X-Sum for about 10 years and have never been anything but happy with sound quality, functionality, etc. It's really great and can do a lot. After quite a while, I realized I'm never using more than 8 channels and I thought I might try something else, just for a change of pace. Maybe something with a different sound and something a little more colored and a lower track count.

I use the mixer as a synth mixer and also sometimes as a stem mixer for tracks I'm working on in a DAW.

in 2020, what replacements might I consider? Let's say a stretch goal might be something like a Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard, but not a chandler mini mixer. In terms of things that tick the functional boxes, Neve Satellite, Fat Bustard, Phoenix Nicerizer (though I don't love the lack of volume knobs), API 8200 or the ADT summing mixer seem interesting

EDIT: also, let's say "what kind of music you make?" is irrelevant. I think the Speck is a Swiss army knife that does a lot of stuff great, and that's what I'm trying to replace. Looking for something functionally similar but different.

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