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Cheers they definitely look interesting, expensive but interesting and not as much as I expected Barefoots to be, even if it is their entry level model I will add them to my list.

What did you think of the Twin6 Be?
The Twin6 sounded great, though at the time I liked the low stuff on the Footprint01 better. Not that it seemed like more, just more what I wanted to hear? I don't know, I hate all the adjectives people use to describe sound. I ended up not getting either cause I'm planning a new studio space and wanted to be able to try them there within the return period.

I don't know what your space is like but I think the Barefoots have a hard time in poorly treated rooms? I can see the Footprint01 causing a lot of low frequency problems with double side mounted 8" woofers on each speaker. The 02 has 6.5" ones. I don't actually know though, they have some other stuff going on that sounds like it makes that a non issue? I think the woofers are out of phase or something which reduces vibrations? And they're not ported. If someone here actually knows I'd love some more info myself.

I ended up getting a pair of Equator D8s to hold me over. I've had the D5s since they came out and liked them for mid stuff and playing quiet. I've always used them with old Yamaha hifi speakers though to give me a real sense of low end. The D8s aren't wired up yet, and I'm sure they're not in the same league as the Focals and Barefoots, but I'm in the same spot as you and just really needed something with bigger than 5" drivers.