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what's your budget? can you stretch to something that's three way? i've recently heard a pair of 305s running through a trinnov system and they were really good. but it's kinda pointless to run that (obviously that studio had waaay more expensive monitors than those that made the trinnov worth the investment). for bass extension, you need something big. or dedicated like a sub. i like stuff like adams/eve/hedd. eve have a pretty cool system with the sub with a lot of controls for cutoff frequencies. you could stretch to 2 subs and 2 smaller satelites from eve and build yourself a nice full range 3 way system. 2 x TS107 + 2 x SC204 is 1,5k, will go down to 30hz(ish) and will give you great clarity from the ribbons and great midrange as the cones are not pumping lows so they can focus