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Focal Solo 6 Be
You are suggesting moving from 5" to 6.5" woofers... And while there would definitely be a clear step up in terms of both quality and frequency range, you are still going to be missing all the subs.... IMO the subs are critical for techno.

I bought the following (which I'm extremely happy about and would whole-heartedly recommend):
* 2x Focal Alpha 65
* 1x Presonus Temblor T10 subwoofer
* 1x Subpac S1/S2
[you can probably buy all that for the same price as only a single Solo 6 Be]

These work really harmoniously together. The sub has a foot-switch to easily disable it (ie at night so as not to disturb neighbours). For me, this is a better option than having 8" monitors and needing to mess around EQing the signal in the evenings. Also, the T10 goes WAY lower than any 8" woofers would.

The detail on the Focal Alphas is absolutely stunning. I haven't heard the Solo 6 Be, but I feel that the law of diminishing returns will kick in pretty hard as there is no way they can possibly sound 4x better than the Alphas.

Whichever way you go though, I can't see it makes sense to spend so much cash and then still be missing the most crucial frequency range for techno - and that's surely going to be the case with any 6.5" cones at any price.