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Old 6th June 2020
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I need to upgrade my monitors (techno)

I've been using JBL LSR305 which for the price were pretty good but it's time to upgrade.

Music style is techno.

I don't want to go above the price of the Focal Solo 6 Be really so we can forget Barefoots etc but there may be some flexibility.

I originally was planning to get the Genelec 8040b but a well respected artist I spoke to recently said he did not like them at all and whenever he has been in studios with them he has had issues.

I know monitors are an individual choice but this threw me off quite a bit as I respect his opinion greatly.

Focals have great reviews and seem very popular, I think within my budget they are the best available.

Due to the pandemic I can't demo speakers in a showroom. I will have to buy and test them out in my room and if I don't gel, return them.

For some qualification, I had the Dynaudio BM5 for a few years before the JBL's and did not like them, I found some quite harsh, very fatiguing to work on and really not pleasing at all.

Taking a shot in the dark I think the Focals are the safest bet? I may consider the Focal twin duos if they are a significant step up from the Solo.