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Old 6th June 2020
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Crane Song HEDD 192 and 192 I/O clocking

Hi all,

Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I want to see if the rig I work on is connected correctly. We just picked up a 3rd 192 and the setup is currently this:

HDX Port 1 > 192 #1 Primary Port
192 #1 Expansion Port > 192 #2 Primary Port
HDX Port 2 > 192 #3 Primary Port

We use the HEDD as the master clock so clocking is done via AES from the Crane Song HEDD into encl AES of 192 #1 . Loop sync starts at the HEDD W.C. Out and flows down accordingly until the loop is completed from Loop Sync Out of 192 #3 to HEDD W.C. In

Currently, the 3rd 192 does not see the loop sync and the INT light is on, even though in hardware setup the clock course is set to AES/EBU Encl from 192 #1 (which is the clock coming from the HEDD). No error messages so far and the 3rd 192 seems to be “working” still.

Prior to getting this 3rd 192, the system worked fine.

Does the loop sync even need to be hitting the HEDD in this case? It seems like because it is not loop sync, then it does not need to be part of the system. I would like to be seeing the 3rd 192 receiving Loop Sync like the 2nd 192 so I can sleep at night