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I came across a few posts where ATC 100 are described as not coming to life at low volumes and need to be cranked up, while ATC 150 do not show such behavior.
Is this common perception among those who heard both models?
All BS.
Room setup is going to matter most of all but the midrange carries so much of all these speakers (which is great! -- closest to creating a single driver system) which is amped the same and the same driver.

Biggest thing is if you can position the speaker in the right position for the room. I have 100ASL (triple) but I considered the 150ASL but couldn't get the boundary conditions right with the cabinet size. The 150ASL are much larger in physical size. The price difference (as a percentage) is negligible at this level. For another space I recommended and had bought 110ASL due to the room dimensions and console position; wouldn't have been able to get the 100ASL dimensions in the right place for that room.