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However ive heard lots of people use limiters on separate channels to achieve loudness, as these genres of music unfortunately are usually
all about loudness
Please relax a little bit and think just a minute about that.

Music is always all about the music.
If music not mainly about music.. yeah you see?

It is not about function, technics, domination or anything else. Think about tracks you enjoy even still in 20 years. Loudness is the least to worry about.

I mainly produce techno. DARK punching. Asskicking. Non melodic Stuff. It sounds hard hitting. But in reality its just an illusion. It can sound hard because the mix has enough breath. Many if not most elements are mixed very very softly. Especialy the kickdrum. Yes.

Go to youtube and listen to Stimmings advice about the 0 db masterchannel, this is all you need. For the rest just focus on the music and throw those limiters away.

Especialy compression (including limiters) is a very reliable way to trash your productions. Do yourself a favour and just forget about them. Compression in electronic music is highly overrated and very missleadingly promoted. Only use them when you are absolutely sure why use them. If in doubt just dont touch it, and you will be very very fine.

Have been there myself, learned it the hard way.