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What @ drcmusic I mean is so much of music today is couched in worrying about social validation e.g. plays, likes, etc. which is accelerated via social media hence in turn you get people literally posting fart noises, etc. just to say they have something online.
Yeah I don't think the standard social media strategy of "steady consistent content on a schedule without fail" is a good strategy for making great music. Those that adopt that strategy, which works for marketing and information type posters, are probably hurting themselves by rushing the process.

Whatever though, that's focusing on what the masses are doing, not those actually impacting culture. Its like being upset that someone in the 80s likes to go around saying he's in a band because he bought a guitar and linked up with bad drummer. Who cares, they don't matter.

I'm new to instagram but I've overall enjoyed it. Its the most positive place on the internet I've yet to experience, almost zero negativity at all in fact, the polar opposite of twitter (and often gearslutz ). Its cool seeing so many creative people share their work and process, I enjoy flipping through hashtags and seeing what people are up to. I'm often impressed!