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Old 5th June 2020
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What @ drcmusic I mean is so much of music today is couched in worrying about social validation e.g. plays, likes, etc. which is accelerated via social media hence in turn you get people literally posting fart noises, etc. just to say they have something online.

Music making in today's era seems to consist of someone in front of a screen copy-pasting loops and thinking it's producing but it's more like laptop noodling, and couple that w/isolation, not as in practice w/an instrument but more isolation as in "people don't seem to have others they can make music with."

Unlike genuine interest in someone's artistry which resulted in word of mouth started by a listener or listeners regarding an artist or artists (re: the social act of telling one's friends about the music you discover(ed) you like, etc.) social media attention can be bought w/bots.

Think about how most people interested in music begin, they find they want to either sing or play an instrument, so they join a choir (via one's religious denomination or school) or an ensemble/band and it goes from there which is the inherently social aspect, which in turn results in a music making culture.