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Originally Posted by boombapdame ➡️
I hate that much of today's "music" is a race to see who can post half baked (or not) ideas online the fastest and that people seem to be perfectly fine not working w/others as music is inherently social.

The inherently social aspect of making music is what I personally have felt/feel I'll never experience and it saddens me.

Music @ ceyhun242 has always been a commodity but this is the era where the curtain has been pulled back on what makes it a commodity: find a naïve young man or woman, "groom" them at their most impressionable stage (preferably preteen to adolescent) and exploit them as long as they are willing to be part of the machine, never questioning who/what/where/when/why/how.
Hello BBD:
I will say that I typically find myself aligned with your posts but will admit I did not fully understand this particular post.

Are you saying that you believe most music is haphazardly posted? Additionally are you saying g that social music is created by teams?

For the record, my belief is that commercial music is created by teams today and that most of this music is forgettable. So my theory is and has always been that collaboration does not create transcendent music, typically just thin and brief marketing successes.

Hope you are well