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I came across a few posts where ATC 100 are described as not coming to life at low volumes and need to be cranked up, while ATC 150 do not show such behavior.
Is this common perception among those who heard both models?
Take whatever read on this forum with a grain of salt and "inquisitive" eye( including what I am writing now).

Without being in the same space and knowing how the speakers interact in that specific room, without knowing if the complete monitoring chain was compromised or not, without knowing if where the person was sitting had SBIR issues or knowing a person specific biases that influences their specific decisions( yeah we all have them) it's impossible to quantify that opinion currently.

My personal "biases" tells me that the 150ASL is the best free standing speaker that ATC makes, but from experience because of the depth of the box, front wall SBIR issues always comes into play unless you soffit mount it or you have a room deep enough to move it far enough away from the front wall. Also its a heavy speaker so moving it around for best locations is not an easy task.