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Im the same, i mix via with a tegler creme always on main buss and that passes into the 2 channels on my Audient asp800 with hmx and iron on lightly adding some saturation and back into an apogee sympthony |(on the hunt for something really good to add saturation on the 2 buss, thinking overstayer possibly). I tend to have everything at no more than -12-10 in my daw then make it up to -6 pushing the creme output.

Then I use Ozone as above to get a feel for how it sound mastered, smash it to bits, pull it back etc etc then go back to the mix and amend where required. all my latest stuff has been mastered properly but now and again for a quick fire remix or something short for other purposes I have self mastered but try and stay away from that. I do however send a self master to mastering engineer for critique and advice as love that side of things too.
OK cool, so when you self master - what's your target for RMS and peak loudness? What style of dance music are you making?