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Originally Posted by radio_death_wish ➡️
This is an interesting perspective as it relates to my process. I keep my peaks at never passing -18dbfs by force of habit and to allow for dynamic range. In the past my tracks have been mastered by a third party.

If I try and make up that much gain, having not heard the track fresh eared like the ME, you think I'll inevitably punish the track more than they do?

If you mix in the DAW, what's the difference between setting kick peak at -12, then bringing whole lot up to -6 before your pre master render over doing doing it 'in mix'?

Other than the psychological effect of 'no fresh ears' , in digital, headroom is headroom, right?
Well i mix through a compressor and saturator so they would react a lot differently. If it was me id relevel the mix track by track. You are asking questions that you can figure out just by doing the work and seeing how it turns out for you. No real way for me to answer.