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Old 5th June 2020
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No More International Transactions

After the past two weeks of triple transaction hell, I'm done.

Tired of whiny buyers, corrupt sellers, dodgy shippers, surprise fees, months of delays, customs hassles, expensive stuff shipped in the most costly way that magically never appears... It's just not worth it. It's nothing but a sad, pita joke.

I'd love to help my worldwide friends and make a few dollars on the side, but there's just too much bs with all the packing, shipping, paperwork, trips to the depots, excuses on the phone, sending and answering e-mails, getting b itched at, filing investigation requests, leaving messages never to be returned and my main downfall, trusting my fellow humans. Some transactions have gone fine; most haven't.

It's sad too. I thought this was a "global economy'. We've got a long way to go.

I'm out.