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I'm a Sonar 6 user and have used cakewalk products since Home Studio.
I used it in 64 bit mode using XP64 with 4 UAD cards and have had no problems since upgrading my computer.

I use a quadcore QX6700, with 4 raptor drives in RAID config. with 8 Megs of RAM.
My interface is a RME FF800. My old Pentium 2.8 was OK but had some glitches with latency. Now I use my old PC just to run my softsynths like Gigastudio, EMU etc. Perhaps running a separate PC for softsynths helps.

I haven't had ANY timing problems and I use a Tascam 2600 8 bus board for sending my headphone mix feeds from the FF800 outs, but tracking goes through outboard pres - my API's, Vintechs, Focusrites, and dbx 786 into the FF800.

Yeah, Sonar isn't perfect, which is why I'm looking forward to networking. Since I'm an old fart who went to the old school, I'm always amazed at the new ways of looking at the different approaches to reaching greater heights with our craft.