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Originally Posted by ToyBox View Post
Not sure how much sense these would make here but I would like to:
  • - Delay (Time), so that I can change the onset of a modulation
  • - Offset (Amount), to make a bipolar source unipolar or generate DC signals for examples.
  • - Invert (On/Off), but that might be already possible.
Also, I'm sure your mod sources have limits as far as how long/slow/fast they can be, so having a modifier that lets you extend that would be useful, but I've no idea how you would do that. I don't have much modular experience.
Hi @ ToyBox , yeah now you get it :-)
-Delay is a great one I was able to fit in the last rev.
-Offset I have with a Bias control - this is included for model inputs without modulation sources.
-Invert is part of each Intensity control - it's so useful :-) Track does the basic 1:n and 1:-n operation.
Long/slow/fast - would be a modulation input to a source or modifier that used a time constant. So, and AD EG with have a rate modulation input, or S+H sample rate. Great idea, got it! :-)

The real limitation here is always the number of controls. Of the eight inputs,
Three are dedicated to input Bias (two rotary, and one menu input)
One is dedicated to indexing through combinations of sources and modifiers, and top level interconnect between them - this specifies env, ramp, lfo sources.
That leaves four 'sliders' of +100 to -100, to do all the rest :-) so it can't get out of hand.


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