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My room treatment is decent addA Rosetta 800 so that’s cool ..... Manley ref c ... MA5 and RN 511 for mic pre .... tube tech cl1b for hardware comp that’s the gear I own currently

Thinking of buying another mic ... maybe 47fet , stretch my budget and get a u67 or u87 ... I’m still going after the modern sound .. so will these mics still be capable of delivering that if processed correctly?

Or should I buy more hardware comps and Eqs?
Double wide retro , buzz essence , chandler opto , bac 500 , inwards connection or distressor ...I’m getting at least
1 eq regardless which will be the RN 551 and Mäag 4eq

Or last but not least ... get 500 series for 2buss duties ? Is it even worth mixing through a 2 buss at this point for me ??

Help me be slutty lolbvs which way should I go
Hey Cokey,
Did you decide to return your cl1b back to VK? Or you decided to keep it?
While I do think the cl1b is a nice compressor, if it doesn’t work FOR YOU, does not make a lot of sense to keep it imho, if you tried different settings and explored its capabilities (I’ll suggest something else to test below).


Regarding the mic I believe the only right way to do it, at this point, is test some contenders out, and then decide with your ears which one fits best YOUR vocals given YOUR taste and goals.

If you want that modern, in your face thing there might be a couple of mics I’d make sure to test.. the first being a Manley Gold (you might get it used?), or a Manley Silver, maybe a Brauner VM1 or even a less expensive option like a Valvet X, Horch RM2J (it might not be so modern, but it’s still an LDC with a nice midrange and quite versatile), U67 RI (maybe), M149, or a Josephson 715..

500 EQ’s

Since you already have an MA5, you know what type of quality Avedis provides.
I’d suggest to test an Avedis E27 or the new (also gyrator based) Avedis E12G, with 12 freqs at all times and being a graphic eq it’s very fast when tracking.. both sounds stellar. The E12G is quite affordable, considering the build quality and the fact that is gyrator based (which are a sort of high quality version of inductors).

Another option might be the Crane Song Insigna, is a clean tube eq, very smooth sounding, kinda “soft” compared to the E27, it’s a 3band eq with HPF and LPF, which is nice to have. Lovely eq.

Or also another tracking option is the Tree Audio BAX EQ.. fast decisions, highs or lows.. that’s it.. I kinda like this approach when tracking. Or the Pulse Technique 500, which is the solid state version in 500 series of the pultec eq.

I do feel these are head and shoulders above your mentioned options. YMMV.


IF you want something that makes your vocals more record ready and print the vocals with compressors on the way in I’d suggest the following:

Crane Song Trakker or Dave Hill Titan ..
These will do the heavy lifting (an 1176 might do it as well)..

the first comp should be rather transparent and able to grab the peaks without being noticed..

I love the trakker (you could choose the compression charachteristic as well, NOT the sound signature)..but I think the titan will do equally well in this regard, plus you have the harmonics that you could play with and further enhancing/thickening your source.

After this try to patch in a BAE 10DC and doing only 2-3db’s of GR max, use the make up gain of the BAE.

It’s a sort of 1176-LA2a thing.. of course you could go for this option as well, the la2a has a different type of compression, more “transparent”, less “grabby” and rather “natural” than the 10DC, should I say, in its action, although the circuit gives a colour (which is the la2a boxtone)..

The 10DC is thick and glue-y, grabby (in a nice way if you know how to manage it).. has a very nice “finished” tone for lack of better words.

I don’t know something this good in the 500 series, although you might come close to that with a Great River pwm501 comp followed by an IGS laone, or a Tree Audio LC1 (old IC Brute), maybe even sone varimu options might be good here.. or maybe even an api 527 on old mode and med-slow releases.

The best thing to do is to TEST some of these options and decide if they work for YOU.

I hope this helps,