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U87ai has been used on many pro re recordings. it is a great mic - very versatile. The 6176 is also a great channel strip. Pay no attention to the bashing on GS. I do not think you will find many top of the line pro's bashing either. This is Gearslutz and haters gonna hate! Trust your ears and enjoy making music.
Pretty sure everything that Migos records (other than the song they did with mustard which does sound like a c800g) is a u87ai, same with Nicki Minaj, and I'm also pretty sure Bruno Mars uses the u87ai. Lil Uzi Vert uses a u87ai too. that's 3 top rap artist right there that uses the u87ai, I mean it's really legit for right now. I've also seen juiceworld use a u87ai once at a studio, when he was alive.