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4200 from vintage king studio upgrade suggestions?

My room treatment is decent addA Rosetta 800 so that’s cool ..... Manley ref c ... MA5 and RN 511 for mic pre .... tube tech cl1b for hardware comp that’s the gear I own currently

Thinking of buying another mic ... maybe 47fet , stretch my budget and get a u67 or u87 ... I’m still going after the modern sound .. so will these mics still be capable of delivering that if processed correctly?

Or should I buy more hardware comps and Eqs?
Double wide retro , buzz essence , chandler opto , bac 500 , inwards connection or distressor ...I’m getting at least
1 eq regardless which will be the RN 551 and Mäag 4eq

Or last but not least ... get 500 series for 2buss duties ? Is it even worth mixing through a 2 buss at this point for me ??

Help me be slutty lolbvs which way should I go