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Studer 904 console restoration

Hi guys, hope I'm in the right section.

I've recently purchased Studer 904 console in working order, but a bit rough around the corners. My tech suggested to restore it up to a factory condition, which is probably cosmetic refurbishment as well. And I have a few questions on that:

1. Is it worth it and how difficult is it to repaint the console frame and channel plates? I want the paint to match the original or not do it at all. I can deal with paint on top, I can prepare all the templates myself (i'm a graphic designer by trade).
2. Some knobs are scrapped or caps missing. Does anyone know if it's possible to source Studer original knobs/fader caps? If not, what would be the best way to approach this?

Just to be clear, my techie is an excellent engineer with 40 years of experience working with electronics. I'm confident he's able to restore the electronics if anything will be necessary. My concern is that cosmetic restoration is a can of worms.