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if you'd use a pair of cardioid mics rather than a pair of fig8's, you could keep a lot of the room sound out.
then compensate the close position by adding some early reflection and medium room efx feed the amient mics but into a large room (but not into the main bus - as suggested preciously).
use some filters to cut out room resonance and dampend the highs on the efx return - et voilĂ : no one would notice that at you recorded in a small room...

this doesn't make your instrument any larger than it is though...
I realized that ribbon inside doesn’t really do much,
I liked it when I mic’ them up pianist’s head, or out of piano curve side using blumlein..

I tried ksm141 in omni mode, really close to string to experiment and it sounded much clearer to my ears.

Will experiment more with omni/card, will post some more near future.

Thing is I don’t hear room resonance, probably need more practice and experienced ear.

How do you find room resonance? You just hear it?